XA 6/21.4Y.M PLUS Microbalance

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Maximum capacity [Max]: 6 / 21g

Readability [d]: 1 / 2µg

The XA 4Y.M PLUS microbalances provide the best minimum


in the market and are intended for the most complex


of small masses. The devices are highly resistant to ambient conditions and their ergonomic design ensures convenient operation.

Innovative 2-Point Adjustment System
The 2-point adjustment system guarantees the most accurate measurement and minimized linearity errors, this ensures reliable measurement results for the whole range.

Smart Min Weight
Unique design solutions of the XA 4Y.M PLUS microbalances guarantee the best value of a minimum


among professional-class solutions available on the market.

Faster Measurement with the New CPU
The 4Y


are equipped with Dual-Core 2× 1 GHz processor and offer new possibilities of fast operation assuring short indication stabilization time at respective repeatability.

16 GB Memory - New Possibilities of Data Management
Upgraded 16 GB memory enables a record of measurement data in a form of reports, time, and statistical graphs.

Second to None Repeatability and Compliance with USP
The highest measurement accuracy, repeatability of sd ≤ 0.08 mg and compliance with USP (Chapter 41 and 1251) make the 4Y series


a new benchmark of


measurement quality.

Ergonomics and Safety of Operation


chamber and large open-door clearance allow easy access to the weighing pan and facilitate the use of laboratory glassware of various sizes and dimensions. The special design of the weighing chamber glass pane guides (no edges) facilitates control of cleanliness during everyday operation. Panes disassembly does not require the use of any tools, which makes keeping the device clean easy.

LevelSENSING System
The in-built sensors measure tilt and display a graphic message on the weighing device screen. The leveling system facilitates adjustment, controls the level state, and informs about level deviations, all this in accordance with GLP and GMP.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Module
All XA 4Y.M PLUS microbalances are complaint with 21 CFR part 11 regulations and with provisions of EU GMP part 4, annex 11. They are equipped with a number of security and monitoring functions that control the work of particular operators and an electronic signature.

Full data protection:
  • advanced password settings
  • verification of log incorrectness
  • assigning operators with individual permissions
  • auto-logout
  • an electronic signature, e.g. for a series of measurements
  • granting/denying access to data management
  • backup
  • modifications saved to Audit Trail file
Mobile Control
Wi-Fi® offers the possibility to send data from 4Y


to a mobile iOS or Android device, via special data management apps. Wireless communication between the


and the weighing instrument enables operating the XA 4Y.M PLUS balance that is placed inside a laminar flow hood or a fume cupboard.

Data Safety
All 4Y series


feature internal ALIBI memory guaranteeing safety and automatic record of measurements, it also offers the possibility to preview, copy, and archive data. ALIBI memory enables saving an unlimited quantity of records within administrator-determined time.

Defined Profiles
Four predefined profiles enable automatic customization of balance parameters.
  • FAST – the measurement result is obtained in a very short time
  • FAST DOSING – the balance quickly reacts to


    changes, especially useful for dosing or adding more product to the dispensed portion
  • PRECISION - balance settings providing the minimum standard deviation,
  • USER - customization of the parameters in accordance with the operator's requirements.
Ambient Condition Monitoring
The 4Y series balances feature a unique solution for control of ambient conditions at the balance workstation, i.e. special measuring sensor integrated into the balance. The system monitors the temperature, humidity, pressure, and air density. Upon exceeding standards determined by the administrator, a respective message is displayed on the balance home screen.
It is possible to connect additional THB sensors to the balance.

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